Governing Council

Mode Of Working

           To hold meetings, get together, conventions, seminars etc.

           To arrange lectures and group discussions for the benefit of the members/ farmers at the headquarters.

           To obtain donations, gifts and to expand the money in furtherance of the aim and objects.

           To create fund forward of medals, scholarships etc. for the students of the College of Agriculture, Kolhapur. 

           To maintain up-to-date directory of the past students of the College of Agriculture, Kolhapur. 

           To take suitable actions to implement the decisions taken by the Central Body and the Executive Committee from time to time. 

Working years

           The year of the Association shall be from 1st April to 31st March.

General body meeting

              The General Body Meeting will be held once a year preferably in the month of June.
              A notice of fifteen clear days shall be given to the members for attending the General Body Meeting.
              The quorum for an ordinary meeting of the General Body shall be twenty five (25%) percent of the strength of members. If sufficient number of hour. No quorum shall be necessary for the adjourned meeting.
               Life member shall have right of one vote. In case there is equal number of votes for any resolution, the person presiding over the meeting shall have la right of casting vote.
               The agenda of the meeting will be circulated to all the members of the association.
               The annual report and the statement of accounts along with the audit report for the previous year and budget estimates for the current year duly prepared and passed by the Executive Committee will be placed for approval of the General Body.
               The General Body will elect the President, Vice-Presidents, and office bearers of the Executive Committee. Presidents and Vice-Presidents should have some standing achievements in any field of agriculture for a decade or two.
               The President will preside over the General Body meeting. In absence of the President, the General Body will he presided over by the Senior Vice-President. In case both Presidents and Vice-president are absent for the meeting, the members may elect one of the members amongst them to preside over the General Body Meeting.
               In case of a vacancy of the office of the President, either due to death, resignation or any other reasons, the senior Vice-President shall automatically become the President for the remaining period of the term.
              The President may resign his office by tendering his resignation to the chairman.
              Vice-President may resign by tendering his resignation to the President.
              A Special General Body will be called at least 25 members send a written requisition to the President fifteen days notice shall be sent to all the members for such a special meetings.
              Any change in the constitution of the Association may be made either in the Annual General Body Meeting or a special meeting called for the purpose. Any change in the constitution will be valid if two third of the members present for the meeting vote for the change.
              The General Body of the Association may expel any member(s) present for the meeting, if such member(s) shall be given proper and sufficient opportunity to explain.
              No resolution passed in any General Body Meeting shall be cancelled or amended within three months of passing of the said resolution.