i) Agricultural College being one of the premier institution in the country, the working of the association will be so arrange as to benefit the country in general and
                                      Maharashtra State in particular with the talents and experience individually or collectively with the help of other organization for uplifting standard of farm community as a                                            whole.
                                   ii) To foster the fellow feeling and interaction amongst the alumni of the college of agriculture, Kolhapur.
                                   iii) To develop liason with this Central and State Government SAUs, and other organizations so as to make available the expertise gained by the members.
                                   iv) To creator a cell for the benefit of the members and farmers to locate scope for betterment of their future
                                   i) To explore and utilize intellectual talent of the Alumni for prosperity of the farming community.
                                   ii) To organize training programmers and to provide consultancy services in production technology, processing, marketing and agro-industry to the farmers and extension                                               functionaries.
                                   iii)  To strengthen the network of the Alumni Association and establish linkages with the national and international associations and institutions.
                                   iv)  To organize and conduct alumni welfare activities, programmers, seminars, conferences etc. pertaining to the Agriculture its allied.